Blog Info

What areas will Common Law cover?

  • Criminal Law
  • Mental Health Law
  • Animal Law
  • Domestic Violence
  • Social Security Disability
  • Litigation
  • Advocacy

Who will this information help?

Everyone! This blog is intended to provide legal information to anyone who wants it, from the person with no experience or knowledge of the law all the way up to the most seasoned attorney. It’s presented in a way that almost anybody can understand. Attorneys can also use this information to learn about new areas of the law and use many of the techniques discussed in their everyday practice.

 Why start a blog?

Many of the people that I’ve represented and currently represent are not seasoned pros when it comes to the legal system. I’m a firm believer that you are your own best advocate. I always try to involve my clients in their cases, but most of the time their knowledge of what could or should be happening with their case is limited. I’ve also noticed that many attorneys aren’t in the trenches often enough or simply don’t have time to learn new skills that can help them fight for their clients. I want to provide information on laws, the legal system, and advocacy that can be used by anybody, attorneys and laymen alike, on a daily basis so that everyone can become better advocates. It’s the best way to make our legal system work!

How are you going to give us all this information?

I’m going to share war stories about cases I’ve actually handled, share the knowledge that I’ve learned in representing hundreds of clients, and discuss breaking legal news. If you have a question about a specific area or if there’s a topic you’d like me to discuss, please feel free to head over to the contact section and send me your question. It’s completely anonymous, and you may see the answer in a future blog post!

DISCLAIMER: Now for the legal stuff. Nothing in this blog should be construed as providing legal advice or establishing an attorney-client relationship. If you send me a question and I answer it, it’s purely for informational purposes, just like everything else in this blog. Every case is different, and you should consult an attorney in your area for legal help.


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