About Jenna Fliszar

2014-06-07 - Greg and Jenna - 0124I love being an attorney. Every day I get to provide a voice for those who may not otherwise have one. It may sound cheesy, but I love that my job is to make sure we’re following what our Founding Fathers wanted for this country. I went to law school for what’s become a very cliché reason – I wanted to help people and animals. I’ve been doing that since I started law school and continue that today.

I’ve provided legal information to hundreds of victims of domestic violence, worked for non-profit organizations advocating for the rights of the less fortunate and represented over 200 clients in Social Security Disability hearings. I’ve appeared on “60 Minutes” and spoken at town meetings in an attempt to protect animals. I’ve worked in many areas of the law and it’s all molded me into what I am today…a Criminal Defense Attorney. I spend most of my time in court, protecting the rights of those accused of crimes ranging from simple traffic citations to attempted murder. Because I take more cases to trial in a year than most attorneys do in their entire careers, and because I’ve made continuing legal education a focus, I’ve been lucky enough to learn many different trial techniques and am a respected litigator.

My background is in advocacy and I’ve received awards for my efforts in fighting for others. I opened my own office, The Fliszar Firm, in 2014. In my spare time I am active in several legal organizations, raise awareness for animal welfare and rescue issues, and cheer on the greatest baseball team of all-time, the New York Yankees. I live in Harrisburg, PA with my two rescue cats, Cartman and Duchess.


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